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It is now absolutely impossible to imagine online communication without Emojis. Most of platforms which first were strictly against them and fundamentally avoided inserting them, one by one is giving up to allow their users to beautify their messages with smiling or crying faces. Indeed, it is challenging to maintain a poker face when there are plenty of Emojis!

Among the innumerable variety of Emojis can be defined a category of the most popular emotions. As a rule they are illustrated as a yellow face with a particular emotion.

There are some simple and common smilies: a person on the other end can tell either his or her joke is funny 😀, droll 😁, or hysterical 😆🤣, or it evokes nothing but a polite smile 🙂😊.

A grinning face with a drop of sweat is used when you've just overcome something important and are happy now you made it and finally can have a laugh with relief😅. Or that situation made you to work hard and you feel down and exhausted now 😓? Or the situation is that bad 😰😨, so the only thing you can do is grab your head 😱 with shock face emoji or lost your tongue 😶.

You can show frustration or embarrassment at the ineptitude of a person or situation with Facepalm with lightskin face Emoji 🤦, or disprove the immediate situation💩, or illustrate you have run out of appropriate words 🤬. In our set you can easily pick up a matching Emoji.

Not all emojis are widespread but it doesn’t make them less interesting. For example, it is a pleading face 🥺 which reminds big cute eyes of Puss in Boots from the film Shrek 2. His puppy’s eyes will leave no one untouched. We suggest you to pay your attention to sexy face emoji 😏 with a sly or smug macho smirk, and a wow emoji face with an open mouth 😮. The coronavirus pandemic made a clown face emoji 🤡 extremely popular. This emoji is often used to indicate thoughtless people underestimating the danger of infection.

Meaning of some emojis can seem a puzzle sometimes. For instance, not all people know upside down face emoji meaning 🙃, or what means your talk partner sending a hot face emoji 🥵. Hint: if you got it from a designer you work with, the last letter with corrections was definitely more than necessary.

And specially for cat people all the basic emojis have variants with kittens faces: 😺 😻 😾.