Text to Unicode and vice versa

Our Unicode Decoder is a browser utility that converts text or any set of symbols into their corresponding Unicode codes.

Let's take the dollar sign $ and place it in the left field. In the right field, you will see 「\u0024」, where 0024 is the Unicode number. You can test it with this text that you're reading: copy, paste, and you'll see the codes for all the letters, numbers, and punctuation marks mentioned here.

Such formatting is commonly used in style files for websites, especially in the 「content」 property of pseudo-elements ::after and ::before. In some cases this approach really simplifies web design. Here's what it looks like:


<p class="komment">This could be your comment.</p>


.komment::after, .komment::before { content:"\2710\2710"; color: red; }
The result:

This could be your comment.

Note that the pencil signs are Unicode symbols. You can apply any css features to them, e.g. colour.