Here you can find various symbols representing playing cards and a shirt of cards.

A general set of playing cards consists of 52 pieces, which are divided into four suits: hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. There are 13 cards in each suit, from ace to king. Therefore, the block in front of your eyes represents the same varieties of icons.

Some playing cards have a unique design and symbols associated with the culture and traditions of a particular country or region. In addition, there may be special decks of cards for specific games, such as tarot or bridge.

The cards can also be used not only for the game. With their help, you can predict the future and perform tricks, as well as decorate posts on social media. This is a universal and popular type of entertainment all over the world.


่Œƒๅ›ด 1F0A0–1F0FF
ๅญ—็ฌฆ 96