Emoji Libro di carta

The history of humankind went through some truly shameful and disgraceful periods, when books were burnt as a symbol of moral fall and knowledge restriction in the society. It was done so that people became illiterate and could be easily manipulated and enslaved by those in power.

Fortunately, nowadays books are not tossed in fire. They are given in for ecological reasons, in order to be recycled and taken care of. However, it's not the only reason.

Electronic books are entering the stage. One small device is capable of saving five and even more paper books. You'd ask me: «Why do people still have home libraries then?» I don't know, I have one too, and it just gives me a sense of connection between different generations. Plus, paper books have a wonderful smell.

If you're a fan of composing letters, we offer you a «virtual» library with book emojis. You cannot read them, but you can send them and share your love for writing and reading.