Telegram'daki Semboller

Burada metninizi Latin alfabesi ve çeşitli yazı tiplerini kullanarak hızlı bir şekilde yazabilirsiniz.

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How to tease a person who has bad handwriting? Text them in crooked and messy letters! But how can you do it? Well, since it's impossible to change Telegram font, use a variety of Unicode symbols instead! That's when Telegram-2-symbols comes in handy.

This tool can help you type text with non-standard letters. Just choose a letter from the upper line, look at the lower line, and pick one of the presented options. Click on the appearance you like and it will automatically copy to the window above. This way you can create a text and copy it into the popular messenger or other social media platforms.

I've gotta say, you will find a plenty of symbols here! Don't miss out on the following:

  • gothic-styled;
  • with lines, bars, and other diacritical signs;
  • exotic alphabets;
  • emoji-like — in blue squares;
  • fat, thin, double, italic.

All in all, you can become the creator of your own script!

Bu semboldeki saat — ve otomatik olarak kopyalanacaktır!

Kutuya da kopyalanır - orada istediğiniz metni girebilir ve istediğiniz Latin harflerini seçebilirsiniz!