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Orthodox Cross

Emoji Meaning

Orthodox cross — the symbol of the Christian Orthodox Church. Its main and distinctive feature from the Catholic is the presence of additional crossbars: inclined bottom and horizontal top. According to the legend, the top board was a sign, which said: “Jesus Nazarene, King of the Jews” in three languages: Latin, Greek, and Aramaic. The lower, oblique line of the cross is a footrest. The fact that it's inclined symbolizes the fate of two robbers crucified to the right and left from Jesus. One repented and went to heaven, the other didn't and went to hell.

This Orthodox cross is also called the Russian or the cross of Saint Lazarus. It's form is believed to be the most accurate in history. However, it's not the only cross revered in Orthodox. There are also other versions: a six-pointed cross (without top rail) and a seven-pointed cross (upper dash raised all the way up). In some fonts, the lower diagonal line of the Orthodox cross is tilted in another direction.

The symbol “Orthodox Cross” is included in the “Religious and political symbols” subblock of the “Miscellaneous Symbols” block and was approved as part of Unicode version 1.1 in 1993. In 2015, it was also approved as an Emoji in version 1.0 and added to the “Religion” subcategory of the “Symbols” category.

Text is also available in the following languages: Español; Français; Русский;


byzantine cross, orthodoxy.

Unicode Name Orthodox Cross
Unicode Number
CSS Code
Plane 0: Basic Multilingual Plane
Unicode Block Miscellaneous Symbols
Unicode Subblock Religious and political symbols
Unicode Version 1.1 (1993)
Emoji Version 1.0 (2015)
Emoji Category Symbols
Emoji Subcategory Religion
Emoji Name Orthodox Cross
Type of paired mirror bracket (bidi) None
Composition Exclusion No
Case change 2626
Simple case change 2626
Grapheme_Base +
scripts Common
Pattern_Syntax +
Encoding hex dec (bytes) dec binary
UTF-8 E2 98 A6 226 152 166 14850214 11100010 10011000 10100110
UTF-16BE 26 26 38 38 9766 00100110 00100110
UTF-16LE 26 26 38 38 9766 00100110 00100110
UTF-32BE 00 00 26 26 0 0 38 38 9766 00000000 00000000 00100110 00100110
UTF-32LE 26 26 00 00 38 38 0 0 640024576 00100110 00100110 00000000 00000000

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