HTML Character Entity References

The following table is completed with special characters and their HTML Entities from W3C.


Symbol HTML-code CSS Code Unicode Entity Name
$ Dollar Sign
¢ Cent Sign
£ Pound Sign
¤ Currency Sign
¥ Yen Sign

Miscellaneous Symbols

Symbol HTML-code CSS Code Unicode Entity Name
Copyright Sign Copyright Sign
Registered Sign Registered Sign
Trade Mark Sign Trade Mark Sign
@ Commercial At
Double-Struck Capital C
Care Of
Script Small G
Script Capital H
Black-Letter Capital H
Double-Struck Capital H
Planck Constant
Planck Constant Over Two Pi
Script Capital I
Black-Letter Capital I
Script Capital L
Script Small L
Double-Struck Capital N
Numero Sign
Sound Recording Copyright
Script Capital P
Double-Struck Capital P
Double-Struck Capital Q
Script Capital R
Black-Letter Capital R
Double-Struck Capital R
Prescription Take
Double-Struck Capital Z
Inverted Ohm Sign
Black-Letter Capital Z
Turned Greek Small Letter Iota
Script Capital B
Black-Letter Capital C
Script Small E
Script Capital E
Script Capital F
Script Capital M
Script Small O
Alef Symbol
Bet Symbol
Gimel Symbol
Dalet Symbol
Double-Struck Italic Capital D
Double-Struck Italic Small D
Double-Struck Italic Small E
Double-Struck Italic Small I
Black Star
White Star
Black Telephone Black Telephone
Female Sign
Male Sign
Black Spade Suit Black Spade Suit
Black Club Suit Black Club Suit
Black Heart Suit Black Heart Suit
Black Diamond Suit Black Diamond Suit
Eighth Note
Music Flat Sign
Music Natural Sign
Music Sharp Sign
Check Mark
Ballot X
Maltese Cross
Six Pointed Black Star
Light Vertical Bar
Light Left Tortoise Shell Bracket Ornament
Light Right Tortoise Shell Bracket Ornament

Punctuation Symbols

Symbol HTML-code CSS Code Unicode Entity Name
! Exclamation Mark
# Number Sign
% Percent Sign
& Ampersand
( Left Parenthesis
) Right Parenthesis
* Asterisk
, Comma
. Full Stop
/ Solidus
: Colon
; Semicolon
? Question Mark
[ Left Square Bracket
\ Reverse Solidus
] Right Square Bracket
^ Circumflex Accent
_ Low Line
` Grave Accent
{ Left Curly Bracket
| Vertical Line
} Right Curly Bracket
~ Tilde
ˆ Modifier Letter Circumflex Accent
  No-Break Space
En Space
Em Space
Thin Space
Zero Width Non-Joiner
Zero Width Joiner
Left-To-Right Mark
Right-To-Left Mark
¡ Inverted Exclamation Mark
¦ Broken Bar
§ Section Sign
¨ Diaeresis
ª Feminine Ordinal Indicator
¬ Not Sign
­ Soft Hyphen
¯ Macron
² Superscript Two
³ Superscript Three
´ Acute Accent
µ Micro Sign
Pilcrow Sign
· Middle Dot
¸ Cedilla
¹ Superscript One
º Masculine Ordinal Indicator
¿ Inverted Question Mark
En Dash
Em Dash
Horizontal Bar
Double Vertical Line
Double Dagger
Two Dot Leader
Horizontal Ellipsis
Per Mille Sign
Per Ten Thousand Sign
Double Prime
Triple Prime
Reversed Prime
Caret Insertion Point
Hyphen Bullet
Fraction Slash
Reversed Semicolon
Quadruple Prime

Quotation Marks

Symbol HTML-code CSS Code Unicode Entity Name
" Quotation Mark
' Apostrophe
« Left-Pointing Double Angle Quotation Mark
» Right-Pointing Double Angle Quotation Mark
Left Single Quotation Mark
Right Single Quotation Mark
Single Low-9 Quotation Mark
Left Double Quotation Mark
Right Double Quotation Mark
Double Low-9 Quotation Mark
Single Left-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark
Single Right-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark


Symbol HTML-code CSS Code Unicode Entity Name
¼ Vulgar Fraction One Quarter
½ Vulgar Fraction One Half
¾ Vulgar Fraction Three Quarters
Vulgar Fraction One Third
Vulgar Fraction Two Thirds
Vulgar Fraction One Fifth
Vulgar Fraction Two Fifths
Vulgar Fraction Three Fifths
Vulgar Fraction Four Fifths
Vulgar Fraction One Sixth
Vulgar Fraction Five Sixths
Vulgar Fraction One Eighth
Vulgar Fraction Three Eighths
Vulgar Fraction Five Eighths
Vulgar Fraction Seven Eighths

Math Symbols

Symbol HTML-code CSS Code Unicode Entity Name
+ Plus Sign
Minus Sign
× Multiplication Sign
÷ Division Sign
= Equals Sign
Not Equal To
± Plus minus symbol
¬ Not Sign
< Less-Than Sign
> Greater-Than Sign
° Degree Sign
¹ Superscript One
² Superscript Two
³ Superscript Three
ƒ Latin Small Letter F with Hook
% Percent Sign
Character Tabulation with Justification
Per Ten Thousand Sign
For All
Partial Differential
There Exists
There Does Not Exist
Empty Set
Element Of
Not an Element Of
Contains As Member
Does Not Contain As Member
N-Ary Product
N-Ary Coproduct
N-Ary Summation
Minus-or-Plus Sign
Dot Plus
Set Minus
Asterisk Operator
Ring Operator
Square Root
Proportional To
Right Angle
Measured Angle
Spherical Angle
Does Not Divide
Parallel To
Not Parallel To
Logical And
Logical Or
Double Integral
Triple Integral
Contour Integral
Surface Integral
Volume Integral
Clockwise Integral
Clockwise Contour Integral
Anticlockwise Contour Integral
Dot Minus
Geometric Proportion
Tilde Operator
Reversed Tilde
Inverted Lazy S
Sine Wave
Wreath Product
Not Tilde
Minus Tilde
Asymptotically Equal To
Not Asymptotically Equal To
Approximately Equal To
Approximately But Not Actually Equal To
Neither Approximately nor Actually Equal To
Almost Equal To
Not Almost Equal To
Almost Equal or Equal To
Triple Tilde
All Equal To
Equivalent To
Geometrically Equivalent To
Difference Between
Approaches the Limit
Geometrically Equal To
Approximately Equal To or the Image Of
Image of or Approximately Equal To
Colon Equals
Equals Colon
Ring In Equal To
Ring Equal To
Equiangular To
Delta Equal To
Questioned Equal To
Identical To
Not Identical To
Less-Than or Equal To
Greater-Than or Equal To
Less-Than Over Equal To
Greater-Than Over Equal To
Less-Than But Not Equal To
Greater-Than But Not Equal To
Much Less-Than
Much Greater-Than
Not Equivalent To
Not Less-Than
Not Greater-Than
Neither Less-Than nor Equal To
Neither Greater-Than nor Equal To
Less-Than or Equivalent To
Greater-Than or Equivalent To
Neither Less-Than nor Equivalent To
Neither Greater-Than nor Equivalent To
Less-Than or Greater-Than
Greater-Than or Less-Than
Neither Less-Than nor Greater-Than
Neither Greater-Than nor Less-Than
Precedes or Equal To
Succeeds or Equal To
Precedes or Equivalent To
Succeeds or Equivalent To
Does Not Precede
Does Not Succeed
Subset Of
Superset Of
Not a Subset Of
Not a Superset Of
Subset of or Equal To
Superset of or Equal To
Neither a Subset of nor Equal To
Neither a Superset of nor Equal To
Subset of with Not Equal To
Superset of with Not Equal To
Multiset Multiplication
Multiset Union
Square Image Of
Square Original Of
Square Image of or Equal To
Square Original of or Equal To
Square Cap
Square Cup
Circled Plus
Circled Minus
Circled Times
Circled Division Slash
Circled Dot Operator
Circled Ring Operator
Circled Asterisk Operator
Circled Dash
Squared Plus
Squared Minus
Squared Times
Squared Dot Operator
Right Tack
Left Tack
Down Tack
Up Tack
Triple Vertical Bar Right Turnstile
Double Vertical Bar Double Right Turnstile
Does Not Prove
Not True
Does Not Force
Negated Double Vertical Bar Double Right Turnstile
Precedes Under Relation
Normal Subgroup Of
Contains As Normal Subgroup
Normal Subgroup of or Equal To
Contains As Normal Subgroup or Equal To
Original Of
Image Of
Hermitian Conjugate Matrix
Right Angle with Arc
Right Triangle
N-Ary Logical And
N-Ary Logical Or
N-Ary Intersection
N-Ary Union
Diamond Operator
Dot Operator
Star Operator
Division Times
Left Normal Factor Semidirect Product
Right Normal Factor Semidirect Product
Left Semidirect Product
Right Semidirect Product
Reversed Tilde Equals
Curly Logical Or
Curly Logical And
Double Subset
Double Superset
Double Intersection
Double Union
Equal and Parallel To
Less-Than with Dot
Greater-Than with Dot
Very Much Less-Than
Very Much Greater-Than
Less-Than Equal To or Greater-Than
Greater-Than Equal To or Less-Than
Equal To or Precedes
Equal To or Succeeds
Does Not Succeed or Equal
Not Square Original of or Equal To
Less-Than But Not Equivalent To
Greater-Than But Not Equivalent To
Precedes But Not Equivalent To
Succeeds But Not Equivalent To
Not Normal Subgroup Of
Does Not Contain As Normal Subgroup
Not Normal Subgroup of or Equal To
Does Not Contain As Normal Subgroup or Equal
Vertical Ellipsis
Midline Horizontal Ellipsis
Up Right Diagonal Ellipsis
Down Right Diagonal Ellipsis
Element of with Long Horizontal Stroke
Element of with Vertical Bar At End of Horizontal Stroke
Small Element of with Vertical Bar At End of Horizontal Stroke
Element of with Dot Above
Element of with Overbar
Small Element of with Overbar
Element of with Two Horizontal Strokes
Contains with Long Horizontal Stroke
Contains with Vertical Bar At End of Horizontal Stroke
Small Contains with Vertical Bar At End of Horizontal Stroke
Contains with Overbar
Small Contains with Overbar
Left Ceiling
Right Ceiling
Left Floor
Right Floor
Left-Pointing Angle Bracket
Right-Pointing Angle Bracket

Greek Letters

Symbol HTML-code CSS Code Unicode Entity Name
Α Greek Capital Letter Alpha
Β Greek Capital Letter Beta
Γ Greek Capital Letter Gamma
Δ Greek Capital Letter Delta
Ε Greek Capital Letter Epsilon
Ζ Greek Capital Letter Zeta
Η Greek Capital Letter Eta
Θ Greek Capital Letter Theta
Ι Greek Capital Letter Iota
Κ Greek Capital Letter Kappa
Λ Greek Capital Letter Lamda
Μ Greek Capital Letter Mu
Ν Greek Capital Letter Nu
Ξ Greek Capital Letter Xi
Ο Greek Capital Letter Omicron
Π Greek Capital Letter Pi
Ρ Greek Capital Letter Rho
Σ Greek Capital Letter Sigma
Τ Greek Capital Letter Tau
Υ Greek Capital Letter Upsilon
Φ Greek Capital Letter Phi
Χ Greek Capital Letter Chi
Ψ Greek Capital Letter Psi
Ω Greek Capital Letter Omega
α Greek Small Letter Alpha
β Greek Small Letter Beta
γ Greek Small Letter Gamma
δ Greek Small Letter Delta
ε Greek Small Letter Epsilon
ζ Greek Small Letter Zeta
η Greek Small Letter Eta
θ Greek Small Letter Theta
ι Greek Small Letter Iota
κ Greek Small Letter Kappa
λ Greek Small Letter Lamda
μ Greek Small Letter Mu
ν Greek Small Letter Nu
ξ Greek Small Letter Xi
ο Greek Small Letter Omicron
π Greek Small Letter Pi
ρ Greek Small Letter Rho
ς Greek Small Letter Final Sigma
σ Greek Small Letter Sigma
τ Greek Small Letter Tau
υ Greek Small Letter Upsilon
φ Greek Small Letter Phi
χ Greek Small Letter Chi
ψ Greek Small Letter Psi
ω Greek Small Letter Omega
ϑ Greek Theta Symbol
ϒ Greek Upsilon with Hook Symbol
ϖ Greek Pi Symbol

Latin Letters

Symbol HTML-code CSS Code Unicode Entity Name