Texte brut


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Flip Text Tool

This tool is designed to turn any text upside down (uʍop ǝpısdn ʇxǝʇ ʎuɐ uɹnʇ) online.

A word is rotated 180 degrees ( ǝldɯɐxǝ) that it is read from right to left like Arabic language. Consider, please, the flipped letters can be Latin or Cyrillic only. It works in the following manner: each letter is replaced with a resembling Unicode character. For instance, the Cyrillic letter “Ф” will be replaced with Unicode character ȸ “Latin small letter DB digraph”. That’s the whole secret ;) Fraser script or Old Lisu script (Lisu are mostly Tibeto-Burman people) do help a lot in this. This script includes many upside-down Latin letters.

Not only letters can be flipped but also punctuation marks. Take a look at flipped question mark: ¿. Spanish people put it at the beginning of a question, finishing the utterance with the regular question mark, which functons as a frame. You can do the same with the exclamation mark, but, unfortunately, it is impossible with some characters from Tamil script.

This tool can do more than flip text.

It can also reverse your text (.elpmaxe). With this tool it is simple to boustrophedon. It is a type of bi-directional text. Alternate lines of writing are flipped, or reversed, with reversed letters so the lines must be read in opposite directions. For example, the first line is written from left to right, the second line is written from right to left, the third line is written like the first one and so on. In Ancient times it was spread among Germans with their runes, and Etruscans. It was a common way of writing in stone in Ancient Greece. As a rule, the characters were mirrored. We are working on implementing this too.