Clavier Emoji

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Pasting emojis is now easier than ever!

If you're tired of paragraphs, lists, and subheadings and want to try something new, use this tool. It's the perfect chance to boost your text with icons, emojis, and decorations. Write your ideas, post, message or article in the box above and explore the available signs just below your text. You'll find various Unicode symbols that are easy and quick to paste! Click on the desired image and there you have it! A boosted message that won't go unnoticed.

This reminds of a virtual keyboard, but instead of regular letters we have seven tabs with a wide range of icons. The tabs include:

  • The most popular symbols.
  • The most sought-after emojis.
  • Arrows pointing in various directions.
  • Mathematical signs.
  • Currencies.
  • Exotic letters and punctuation marks.

The best part is that you don't have to switch between screens or waste time searching for each symbol — everything is already here, ready to be copied.

Cliquez sur le symbole et il copier automatiquement!

Il va également dans cette case, où vous pouvez saisir n'importe quel texte et le décorer avec n'importe quel symbole!