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This tool will allow you to get a list of Unicode symbols in text format online.

First define the necessary range. Enter the hexadecimal numbers of the first and the last symbols. Then go to the left window and specify the output format of the list. Here you'll find 4 possible variables:

  • {dec} — this will display the Unicode number in decimal system;
  • {hex} — the same, but in hexadecimal;
  • {html} — HTML code of the symbol;
  • {symbol} — will display the actual symbol.

You can use as many as you need, be it four at once or the same one five times.

You can separate the variables with some convenient characters. For example, it can be a colon, a non-breaking space, numbers, words, emojis, or line breaks. Just type them with the keyboard or paste from the Unicode block called मूल लैटिन0000–007F . Next, click on ‘generate’. The result will show in the window to the right. Copy it to the clipboard.

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