Emoji Család

These emojis demonstrate family and close relationships. It's peculiar that some platforms depict relatives gender neutral (or it's just hard to define their gender), whereas other devices show detailed pictures of male and female characters.

Two guys holding hands are one hundred percent together. If somebody tells you that they are just good buddies and you're out of your mind, don't listen. These are most likely great friends with looots of mysterious background. Don't ask me how i know it, I just do.

More fun facts. I was trying to google an LGBT flag, when contextual adds popped up. It clearly offered strip club catalogues and erotic massage parlours. That was hilarious, because I always use private window for such searches. Little did I know about Google being preoccupied for our sexual orientation.

Hope my wife won't browse my search history after I finish writing this text... I guess excuses like „it was for my work!” won't be plausible enough to convince her I'm not some creep. I'll let you know, and while I'm busy fixing my marriage, copy and paste these emojis to your social media.