Here you can find the emojis of various letters, hieroglyphs and whole words. They are designed as little squares or circles, having red, yellow, grey and other colours.

Each of them carries a particular meaning. Latin letters A, B, O mark blood types according to the system of classification ABO. NG is an abbreviation for "no good". And so on.

Hieroglyph emojis can also be translated as proper words, check their meaning on each emoji's page.

It's 🆒 that you can write the name of your favourite band with his set: 🅰🅱🅱🅰. Or play Minecraft and come across a Ⓜ🅾🅱. Oh my God, 🅱🅾🅾Ⓜ! It was a creeper.

For a long time the following sequence circulated around the Russian Internet: 🅰🅱🅾🅱🅰. Anybody knows what it means?