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This tool helps to get HTML-codes from symbols easy and fast.

Enter a character in the left, receive its HTML-code in the right. Just like in a drugstore.

You may ask: «Why do I even need HTML?» The thing is that characters should be changed so that the language of programming doesn't identify them as controlling. Imagine that you're a pro in HTML and for some reason want to correct this mess. Create a website in order to share your knowledge. Of course, you'll need to give some examples in tutorials, like tags and parts of codes. In order to identify them not as operators and actions, but a simple text, you need to write a special sequence of these characters. That's why our HTML-encoder exists. It facilitates the whole process and makes it faster.

For instance, having typed «<p>» you'll see a new paragraph on the website. If you want the tag to appear in the content, type it this way: «&lt;p&gt;»

What else can this tool do? It encodes symbols possessing mnemonics, counts line breaks, differentiates between letters and other characters. Easy to use, extremely outgoing, safe for health (scoliosis doesn't count).

Back conversion is available too. Decode your HTML and turn it into characters.