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Checks are used to show that you agree with something, like “yes”, “approved”, “correct”, “done”, “select”. Sometimes it's applied in lists to mark the approved items. This cross ✖ serves for the same purpose. Despite the fact, that it means the opposite (“no”, “false”, “decline”), there are cases when it's meaning is absolutely similar to a check. For example, in voting ballots.

As for computer technology, checks have been popular there too. A lot of websites display forms, where you can see special checkboxes, i.e. ideas or items that you can “tick” in order to express that you agree with something or accept it.

However, the perception of checks is different across cultures. In Sweden a check ✓ means “incorrect”, and the “correct” answer is displayed with the Latin “R” letter. Similarly for Finland: ✓ means “false”, and a sign that looks like % represents the right answers. Japan and Korea also use checks to disagree with something, and for confirmation they write a circle ◯.