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Coronavirus pandemic 🦠 is story of the year 2020. May 2020 was the start of it.

COVID-19 can result in high temperature 🤒, shortness of breath, sickness and serious health consequences. The most important ways to prevent catching COVID-19: health care and regular and effective hygiene. Against the backdrop of increasing global frustration some everyday things, like soap 🧼 and toilet paper 🧻, acquired new value. Their pictures are used more frequently in messages either literally or ironically.

Face masks became a powerful symbol of the fight against COVID-19 and our changed lives under coronavirus. Face with medical mask has never been so popular in social networks and messengers. It has even left behind his sick fellows with running nose and fever.

This set collected all the necessary Emojis for fruitful discussions on the agenda in social networks.

🧼🖐 Wash your hands with soap 🧼👏 Wash your hands with soap 🧼👐🚰 Wash your hands thoroughly 🧼👐💦 Wash your hands carefully 🧴🤲 Use hand sanitizer or alcohol-based rub

🚫🤝 Avoid handshakes as greeting 🚫🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Avoid close contact with people 🧍↔️🧍 Keep distance 🚫🤦 Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands 🚫🤧🤲 Do not cough or sneeze in your hands 🧍🏠 Stay home