Heavy Right-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark Ornament ❯


Symbol Meaning

Heavy Right-Pointing Angle Quotation Bracket is applied together with this right sign . Such a pair of symbols tends to mark gapped information or a fragment missing from the text. The punctuation mark put between the right and left brackets is called ellipsis . It means that the author has referred to some events or has quoted another book or edition.

One more way of using angle brackets is to denote writer's, editor's, or publisher's comments. For example, if an interviewee missed a word crucial for the understanding of his/her speech, the journalist or the author of the printed text may add it in brackets, thus clarifying the information.

The symbol “Heavy Right-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark Ornament” is included in the “Ornamental brackets” subblock of the “Dingbats” block and was approved as part of Unicode version 3.2 in 2002.

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Unicode Name Heavy Right-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark Ornament
Unicode Number
CSS Code
Plane 0: Basic Multilingual Plane
Unicode Block Dingbats
Unicode Subblock Ornamental brackets
Unicode Version 3.2 (2002)
Type of paired mirror bracket (bidi) Close
Bidi Paired Bracket 276E
bmg 276E
Composition Exclusion No
Case change 276F
Simple case change 276F
Grapheme_Base +
scripts Common
Pattern_Syntax +
Encoding hex dec (bytes) dec binary
UTF-8 E2 9D AF 226 157 175 14851503 11100010 10011101 10101111
UTF-16BE 27 6F 39 111 10095 00100111 01101111
UTF-16LE 6F 27 111 39 28455 01101111 00100111
UTF-32BE 00 00 27 6F 0 0 39 111 10095 00000000 00000000 00100111 01101111
UTF-32LE 6F 27 00 00 111 39 0 0 1864826880 01101111 00100111 00000000 00000000

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