Heavy Dashed Triangle-Headed Rightwards Arrow ➠


Symbol Meaning

This arrow looks as if it's flying at a high speed. The designers of Unicode have reached this effect by splitting the horizontal line into several elements of a different width. Meanwhile, the tip has kept its clear outline and classic shape.

A bold flying arrow with a triangle-shaped tip pointing left will come in handy if you want to talk about directions, shifts, changes, transformations. It can be used in various schemes and lists or for decorating any texts, creatives, nicknames. Unicode has a similar “moving” arrow with a less complicated tip, in terms of design — .

The symbol “Heavy Dashed Triangle-Headed Rightwards Arrow” is included in the “Dingbat arrows” subblock of the “Dingbats” block and was approved as part of Unicode version 1.1 in 1993.

Text is also available in the following languages: Español; Русский;

Unicode Name Heavy Dashed Triangle-Headed Rightwards Arrow
Unicode Number
CSS Code
Unicode Block Dingbats
Unicode Subblock Dingbat arrows
Unicode Version 1.1 (1993)
Version 1.1
Block Dingbats
Type of paired mirror bracket (bidi) None
Composition Exclusion No
Case change 27A0
Simple case change 27A0
Grapheme_Base +
age 1.1
scripts Common
Encoding hex dec (bytes) dec binary
UTF-8 E2 9E A0 226 158 160 14851744 11100010 10011110 10100000
UTF-16BE 27 A0 39 160 10144 00100111 10100000
UTF-16LE A0 27 160 39 40999 10100000 00100111
UTF-32BE 00 00 27 A0 0 0 39 160 10144 00000000 00000000 00100111 10100000
UTF-32LE A0 27 00 00 160 39 0 0 2686910464 10100000 00100111 00000000 00000000

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