Flower Emoji

Just look at this big colorful herbarium of various emojis and flower symbols.

Two centuries ago the language of flowers was used to express secret feelings, to send a coded message to the recipient, allowing the sender to express feelings which could not be spoken out loud. Armed with floral dictionaries, people often exchanged small “talking bouquets”, called nosegays or tussie-mussies, which could be worn or carried as a fashion accessory.

Floriography was widely used in creating a floral display or a bouquet of flowers. Every element had its own meaning. For instance, giving a hibiscus 🌺 means that the giver is acknowledging the receiver's delicate and rare beauty, a sunflower 🌻 is a sign of pure intentions, and a red rose 🌹 is an incontestable and well-known symbol of true love.

Unicode also has non-floral symbols which only look alike. Here is an example: this floweret ❁ is from Dingbats. Or look at this one ❊. Its name is Heavy Eight Teardrop-Spoked Propeller Asterisk. It’s a jawbreaker, isn’t it? I am confident that you will agree with me, it looks totally like a dahlia! Syllables, punctuation marks and letters of some writing systems resemble flowers and plants ꕤ.

Some of these flowers can be typed using Alt-codes. The alternative way is to copy and paste it, for example, in you status in Facebook.