Script Small E ℯ


Symbol Meaning

The lowercase letter “e” written in italic font has a lot of different meanings. It's commonly used to denote an electron, Euler's number, and elementary electric charge. If your text contains several meanings at the same time, you can use the Unicode symbol alongside the standard letter. It will help avoid confusion and guide the reader in the right direction. For example, use the symbol e to refer to Euler's constant and to describe electric charge.

The lowercase calligraphic letter “e” is suitable not only for writing formulas. You can use it as a decoration for a headline, nickname, or social media post. Combine the symbol with other Unicode characters and create original inscriptions that draw attention of the audience!

The symbol “Script Small E” is included in the “Letterlike symbols” subblock of the “Letterlike Symbols” block and was approved as part of Unicode version 1.1 in 1993.

Text is also available in the following languages: Español; Русский;


error, natural exponent.

Unicode Name Script Small E
Unicode Number
CSS Code
Entity ℯ
Unicode Block Letterlike Symbols
Unicode Subblock Letterlike symbols
Unicode Version 1.1 (1993)
Version 1.1
Block Letterlike Symbols
Type of paired mirror bracket (bidi) None
Composition Exclusion No
Case change 212F
Simple case change 212F
Math +
Alphabetic +
Lowercase +
Cased +
ID_Start +
ID_Continue +
XID_Start +
XID_Continue +
Grapheme_Base +
age 1.1
scripts Common
Encoding hex dec (bytes) dec binary
UTF-8 E2 84 AF 226 132 175 14845103 11100010 10000100 10101111
UTF-16BE 21 2F 33 47 8495 00100001 00101111
UTF-16LE 2F 21 47 33 12065 00101111 00100001
UTF-32BE 00 00 21 2F 0 0 33 47 8495 00000000 00000000 00100001 00101111
UTF-32LE 2F 21 00 00 47 33 0 0 790691840 00101111 00100001 00000000 00000000

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