Beautiful Letters

Quantity of characters: 972


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Beautiful Old Style English Alphabet:

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This section contains beautiful, unusual and sophisticated symbols and letters of different writing systems. Most of them reminds letters from Latin or Cyrillic script. They can be used when there’s no possibility to change the font, but you itch to vary your text. For example, you can use them writing a message in any social network or to personalise your nickname. Look at the symbol Ϭ. It really looks like a Russian “б”, but in fact this letter is from Coptic script. It is Shima. Egyptians used it 15 centuries ago. Such a coincidence can be not accidental — Coptic and Cyrillic were created on the basis of Greek alphabet. The difference between them is that Russian one contains more letters because of the quantity of sounds in Russian language. It seems Cyril and Methodius (the creators of Russian alphabet) simply invented lacking letters. Maybe it stands the reason of the complexity to find analogues for the next letters: Я, Ю, Ы, Ъ. If you want, you can look through the sections by yourself to find much more exciting things.

Moreover, there are some unsupported Unicode symbols and characters for most fonts. Instead of them you see empty squares: 𐇠𐇡𐇢𐇣𐇤.

Many of these fancy (or simply odd) letters are modifications of standard letters. Different points and dashes are diacritics . The main use of them is to change the sound-values of the letters to which they are added. For instance, to distinguish soft consonant or a long vowel. Using our Search Site, you can easily get to know where any letter comes from.

For your nicknames (and not only) you can use numbers and other symbols from Unicode.