संगीत Emoji

Here are a couple of emojis related to music.

  • One of the most common emojis is headphones 🎧. You can see it almost on any interface of a music-related app or website.
  • Musical scores 🎼 and notes 🎶 symbolize the concept of music in general.
  • Microphones 🎤 come in handy when you are singing at a karaoke. Or when your phonogram has broken and now you have to actually perform the song with your mouth.
  • The radio emoji looks a lot like the radio that my friend used to have 📻. Twenty years ago he was drinking a bit and threw it out of the window like some kind of a rock star. The radio crushed the neighbour's car.
  • Studio microphones 🎙 are in no way different than stage ones, although they look quite pretentious and require ideal performance, so that you don't regret the quality of your sound after recording the song. However, the success of an album doesn't rely only on musicians. But it's a whole different story.
  • I have no idea what control knobs regulate. Ask a sound producer. 🎛
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