The Maya Civilisation used the numerals from this block to create their famous calendars. It's unclear when this system was born, but a small inscription has been found in Chiapa de Corzo, which dates back to the 36 year BC and confirms the approximate time origins. After the Maya Empire had fallen, the Mayan numerals were completely forgotten. Nowadays you can meet them from time to time though. For example, they are widespread in Guatemala for page numeration in small documents.

What does a Maya numeral set look like? Basically, it's a twenty-decimal positional number system. Zero was used for empty digits. Some researchers believe that this is the earliest mention and application of zero in human history.

As for structure, Maya numbers consist of dots and horizontal lines below. Such an appearance means that the script wasn't initially adapted for paper or fabric. The numbers were rather laid out from stones and sticks on a flat surface. And empty shells stood for zeros.

Currently, the most complicated Mayan hieroglyphic script hasn't been deciphered yet. That's why the numerals are encoded here as a separate block, not together with the other elements of the Mayan script.


रेंज 1D2E0–1D2FF
वर्णमाला 32

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