Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-A is a Unicode block containing characters for mathematical, logical, and database notation.

Mathematics, considered the language of all sciences, cannot do without a recording system. Numerous concepts and operators have made an influence as the development of this science is going on. Since these symbols are not included in the standard alphabets, typing them from the keyboard can be problematic. Nevertheless, these mathematical symbols can be copied and pasted.

The Unicode Consortium is no stranger to the problem of scientists, so many different signs were included in the table. If this is not what you need, use the search on the website or check the following sections: Arabic mathematical alphabetic symbols, Miscellaneous mathematical symbols B, Supplemental mathematical operators. Letters for formulas can be taken in a set of and a block of Mathematical alphanumeric symbols.


रेंज 27C0–27EF
वर्णमाला 48

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