This block contains cyrillic letters — titlo letters. They are used in the Church Slavonic script for denoting abbreviations (or shortenings). We, ordinary people, write „by the way” like btw. The priests shorten words like this too. When it's easy to guess which letters are omitted, a titlo sign is used: ҃. If the meaning is not obvious — a special titlo is written above the word, and this titlo contains the missing letters. Also there's usually a sign called „pokrytie” (lit. „a cover”) ҇ above the word.

The old handwritings in Church Slavonic contain superscript titlos that form ligatures and digraphs. Above them, apart from the pokrytie, you can find such signs as vzmet or titlo.


Interval 2DE0–2DFF
Personaje 32

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