Arrows is a Unicode block containing lines, curves, and semicircle symbols terminating in barbs or arrows. It´s interesting that even arrows have categories: Unicode divides them into two groups in particular: simple arrows and arrows with modifications, not to mention the arrows with bent tips. Some arrows feel lonely when they travel alone, so they go in pairs.

The general objectives of arrows (both in real life and Unicode) are to mark directions, connections, relations, logical assumptions, implications, and computer buttons. The main directions include the key four: up, down, left, right. However, some signs are coded in eight variants.

What else can you use arrows for? Well, a lot of bloggers use such symbols to indicate the they are referring to the previous story on their profile ←. Besides, these arrows are often met in books emphasizing some important information ↗. Plus, as usual, you can always express your creativity with these strange creatures: snake-like arrow ↝, an arrow doing yoga ↨, flash zig-zag arrow ↯, and two arrows that crashed into the walls ↹.


Interval 2190–21FF
Personaje 112

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