Miscellaneous Technical

Interval: 2300—23FF Număr de caractere: 256 Citeste mai mult...


Simboluri 256
Interval 2300—23FF

Miscellaneous Technical is the name of a Unicode block ranging from U+2300 to U+23FF, which contains various common symbols which are related to and used in the various technical, programming language, and academic professions. Symbol (HTML hexadecimal code is ⌂) represents a house or a home. Symbol (⌘) represents the Command key on Mac keyboard. Symbol (⌚) is a watch (or clock). Symbol (⏏) is the „Eject” button symbol found on electronic equipment. Symbol (⏚) is the „Earth Ground” symbol found on electrical or electronic manual, tag and equipment. It also includes most of the uncommon symbols used by the APL programming language.