Enclosed alphanumerics is a Unicode block of typographical symbols of an alphanumeric within a circle, a bracket or other not-closed enclosure, or ending in a full stop. There is another block for these characters (U+1F100—U+1F1FF), encoded in the Supplementary Multilingual Plane, which contains the set of Regional Indicator Symbols as of Unicode 6.0.

What can we use these symbols for? First, to decorate our nicknames and bios on social media. I have noticed that if you use an original or extraordinary font, there is more chance that people will pay attention to you and start following your page. Secondly, the Latin letters in the parentheses serve perfectly for mathematics. Impress your teacher — use them in your new rule or formula presentation! And finally, I love this symbol of zero ⓿ on the black background. Send it to your parents when they ask how much money you have earned this month.


Interval 2460–24FF
Personaje 160

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