Bashkir Alphabet


The modern Bashkir alphabet was established and approved in 1939. However, people started using it a year later. In 1950 letter 'Ё' was added to it, and the alphabet began to look the way it does nowadays. The Bashkir alphabet is based on the  Cyrillic 0410–0474 one. However, it was complemented with nine letters to deliver the specific sounds of the Bashkir language. It contains 42 letters in total, two of which are unique, meaning that you will not find them in any other script.

In the ancient times the Bashkir people used  Old Turkic Runic 10C00–10C48 . Later, starting from the X century, when Islam was spreading, manuscripts in Arabic appeared. From the 8th to the 9th century texts were written using the Old Turkic language. It was based on the Arabic script too. In the 19th and 20th centuries, there were several attempts to create a national Bashkir alphabet. However, none of these writing systems were used for a significant period of time.