Old North Arabian Alphabet


The Old North Arabian alphabet is an ancient writing system used in the Arabian Peninsula during the 6th to 4th centuries BCE. It was primarily used to write various Ancient North Arabian languages spoken in the region.

The Old North Arabian alphabet is closely related to the  Old South Arabian 10A60–10A7F script and the Old Arabic script, which eventually evolved into the modern Arabic script. It consists of 28 to 29 characters, including both consonants and matres lectionis (letters that represent long vowels).

The script was mainly used for inscriptions found in archaeological sites throughout the northern part of the Arabian Peninsula, particularly in the ancient kingdoms of Dadan, Lihyan, and Dedan. These inscriptions provide valuable insights into the languages and cultures of the ancient Arab people in the region.

While the Old North Arabian script is not widely used or known today, its historical significance speaks for itself. This script was a step in the Arabic script development, and it has contributed a lot to our understanding of ancient Arabian civilizations.