Esperanto Alphabet


This page contains all the letters for the Esperanto language. All of them can be found in Unicode.

Esperanto is an artificially created alphabet based on Latin. It includes twenty-eight letters, five have the superscript “^”, and one “”. Each letter corresponds to one sound, each sound corresponds to one letter. All sounds are pronounced precisely and accurately. The stress always falls on the penultimate syllable.

The Esperanto language was created by oculist Lazar Markovich Zamenhof from Warsaw. It took him ten years to develop the system. The language was named by the pseudonym of the author. Esperanto is intended to serve as a universal international language, the second (after native) for every educated person. The use of a neutral (non-ethnic) and easy-to-learn language could bring interlanguage contacts to a brand new level. In addition, Esperanto has great pedagogical value, as it greatly facilitates the subsequent study of other languages.