Chess Symbols

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Chess is an ancient game. At first this game came from India to the Middle East. From the Middle East it came to Europe, and only then to Russia. The game underwent changes at various times. The classical rules assumed in 15th century and the modern ones were standardized in the 19th century only, when international chess competitions began.

Modern chess consists of six different types of pieces: ♔ king, ♕ queen, ♖ rook, ♗ bishop, ♘ knight and ♙ pawn. A graphic representation of a position in a chess game is a chess diagram. It is widely used in chess learning process, chess problems and analysis of played chess games as an aid to visualisation. Chess diagrams use special symbols for each chessman.

Chess symbols have been a part of Unicode since 1991, when its first version was established. All those standard symbols we have collected in our set. You can copy them and paste whenever you want or type them using Alt-codes.