Heart Symbols

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There are many ways to express tender feelings on the Internet. One of them is Heart Emoji. If you are in love, don’t hesitate to add this page to your bookmarks or favorites. We have collected a great variety of different hearts for VK, WhatsApp and other messengers. With them, you can surprise your significant other with new heart everyday. It is quite tricky to type any of those hearts using your keypad. On our website you can copy and paste a heart you like the most.

Heart emojis have various colors, and it is believed that each one has its own unique meaning. For instance, a red heart means pure love. If you get red hearts ❤️ or even rows of them ❤️❤️❤️, it definitely means somebody fell in love with you!

A green heart 💚 can be signified as an invitation for a date. If you haven’t dated this person yet, you can be sure to be invited to date. By the way, this heart is also known as a braggart’s heart which is very popular among volunteers. Despite being literally green, it doesn’t have to do with any environmental subtext, although the overlap of people who do good and love the environment is heavy. You also can know this heart as Jealous heart. As well as indicating feelings of envy, it sometimes has connotations of organic and healthy living.

If after a romantic date you receive yellow 💛 or orange 🧡 Heart emojis, it means you’re politely suggested to stick friends. Notably an orange heart can involve a possibility of romantic relationships, but a yellow one is unmistakably says: “I’m sorry, we can be friends only”. What can you send as an answer? Broken Heart Emoji only 💔. We hope your heart has not been broken so many times. So as you can see, the yellow heart mean friendship. On Snapchat, this heart appears beside the name of the person you snap the most.

Do you still wonder does the brown heart emoji mean? We have an answer for you😉 The brown heart emoji 🤎 is sweet like a chocolate so it means a strong, sweet love that stands the test of time.

Allegedly, honeymooners 💞 and lovers 💕 have their own language. That’s why you can give any meaning you like to a small heart to chat with your sweetheart. Let it be your secret, shhh...🤫 Mutual understanding is the most important thing after all.