Space Emojis

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Did you dream of becoming an astronaut in your childhood? So you can leave your tracks and a crumpled pack of cigarettes on the dusty paths of distant planets.

Therefore, when I was about ten years old, I was forced to build a starship. As it often happens in my homeland, the materials were crap and sticks, but there were few sticks. The project was completed in one day. Our pepelats turned out to be incredibly beautiful, but the flight characteristics left much to be desired. Because of this, senior managers made a strategic decision to re-equip the spacecraft into a shipping vessel. And they did not lose; it did not sink. The physical properties of the housing materials were useful.

That's how the exploration of the Milky Way ended for me before it started.

At the moment, we can only copy the space symbols on social networks and messengers. Here we have a dozen icons of different celestial bodies. The sun, the moon in different incarnations, the comet, the satellite. And even a jump rope is an irreplaceable cosmic symbol in the open spaces of the universe. In fact, this is not a sports equipment, but I will not bore you. Enter it on the website search for details.

Strange icons, thanks to which you have learned only masculine and feminine, denote the planets and the largest asteroids of the solar system. They are sometimes used by astrologers.

An illustrating Emoji space is also in Unicode: 🌌. View from the Earth — the stars and emptiness.