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Moon in Different Phases

Moon with Face



Hieroglyph Moon

The moon is the most faithful and only natural satellite of the Earth for all times. It's no longer young at 4.6 billion years. According to the most reasonable version, it appeared because of the collision of our planet with another astronomical object. The blow fell on a tangent. This meteorite swept away a part of the then-hot surface and carried it into an orbit. There it spins now, moving away by 38 mm per year.

It is the most visible object in the sky after the sun. It has a significant impact on both the physical processes on the surface of the planet and the culture of the local Aborigines. It is impossible to calculate the number of references to the moon in the written sources of all the peoples of the world. And the ancient people gave the “queen of nights” also a religious meaning. But this tradition is still alive. Ask astrologers what kind of symbol is Black Moon Lilith?

Unicode icons depict our satellite in different states of its visibility from the Earth. When only the edge of the moon is lit, it’s called the crescent. Over time, it grows and turns into a full disk, and then darkens again. Any of these moon symbols for the nick can be awesome to diversify your nickname. And in this way, it will help your extraordinary personality to stand out from the gray mass of commoners.

Emoji icons not only show a night light in different phases but also humanize. There are eyes, a mouth, in an apple version even a nose. There will be legs and arms soon. Then the private parts, hair in different places, traces of injuries and diseases. Perhaps this was done to distinguish the symbol of the full moon from the head of the cheese. They are very similar. Any mouse will devour anything 🐁.