Superscript and Subscript Numbers

Quantity of characters: 30

Superscript, Degree


This page contains subscript and superscript small numbers. They may be useful when you need to indicate that one number or variable is raised to the power (666*10⁻¹⁹), to write dimension — cubic meters (м³) or equations (y=x²), or to make a reference. The subscript little numbers allow chemical workers to write different formulas of various chemical agents and reactions (C₂H₅OH).

To use any of the symbols, you need to select it with your mouse, copy and paste directly into your formula. It is even easier than formatting every number in Word.

Also the superscript and subscript small numbers can make your nickname look originally, for example, giving a resemblance of a formula. Although we have a special big set Smiles and Symbols for Nicknames where you can find plenty of characters to decorate your nickname.