Mathematical Signs

Quantity of characters: 344



Based on Equality

Degrees and Roots







Sets (Mathematics)

This section collects Maths symbols that can’t be correctly typed using keyboard. The represented set can be divided into several groups:

  • operator signs: addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, summation;
  • integral signs: double, triple, volume, surface, clockwise and counterclockwise;
  • inequality symbols: greater than, less than;
  • equal signs: equal, not equal, approximately equal, equivalent, identity;
  • geometric symbols: angle, proportions, diameter, perpendicular, parallelism, intersection;
  • geometric shapes: triangle, arc, parallelogram, rhombus;
  • radical sign, power of number;
  • for set theory: empty set, belongs to, subset, union, intersection;
  • logical connective: implication, and, or, negation, equivalent;
  • other symbols: infinity, there exists, belongs to, del or nabla, ellipsis for matrix, ceiling brackets, symbols for group theory.

Parabola: ƒ(x)=ax²+bx+c (a≠0)

Representation of exclusive OR: A⊕B :⇔ (A⋁B) ∧¬ (A∧B)

The velocity of a body falling from a height h: V=√̅2̅g̅h̅

To use these icons is the only way to insert a variety of Math symbols on a website or in a message appearing in any operating system. One need to simply copy a coded sign. The use of images for such purposes complicates the process: they demand customisation when developing or stuffing of Internet site. Also media content takes up too much disk space.

Math signs can be used in social networks, chats and forums. They also can be useful for web developers.

Mathematics as the language of all sciences can’t exist without its writing system. Its numerous concepts and operators have gained their typefaces as the science advances. Since the standard alphabets don’t include them, it is quite problematic to type these symbols. You can easily copy them on our website and paste.

Unicode Consortium has included a lot of different signs. If you can’t find what you need, try our site search or look through the next sections:

Mathematical Operators2200–22FF

Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-A27C0–27EF

Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-B2980–29FF

Supplemental Mathematical Operators2A00–2AFF

Letters for formulas:

Greek and Coptic0370–03FF

Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols1D400–1D7FF

We made another set for superscript and subscript numbers. There you can find small numbers for fractions and exponentiations.

HTML Entities for Mathematical Symbols, Code Table

Symbol HTML-code CSS Code Unicode Entity Name
+ Plus Sign
− Minus Sign
× Multiplication Sign
÷ Division Sign
= Equals Sign
≠ Not Equal To
± Plus minus symbol
¬ Not Sign
< Less-Than Sign
> Greater-Than Sign
° Degree Sign
¹ Superscript One
² Superscript Two
³ Superscript Three
ƒ Latin Small Letter F with Hook
% Percent Sign
 Character Tabulation with Justification
‱ Per Ten Thousand Sign
∀ For All
∁ Complement
∂ Partial Differential
∃ There Exists
∄ There Does Not Exist
∅ Empty Set
∇ Nabla
∈ Element Of
∉ Not an Element Of
∋ Contains As Member
∌ Does Not Contain As Member
∏ N-Ary Product
∐ N-Ary Coproduct
∑ N-Ary Summation
∓ Minus-or-Plus Sign
∔ Dot Plus
∖ Set Minus
∗ Asterisk Operator
∘ Ring Operator
√ Square Root
∝ Proportional To
∞ Infinity
∟ Right Angle
∠ Angle
∡ Measured Angle
∢ Spherical Angle
∣ Divides
∤ Does Not Divide
∥ Parallel To
∦ Not Parallel To
∧ Logical And
∨ Logical Or
∩ Intersection
∪ Union
∫ Integral
∬ Double Integral
∭ Triple Integral
∮ Contour Integral
∯ Surface Integral
∰ Volume Integral
∱ Clockwise Integral
∲ Clockwise Contour Integral
∳ Anticlockwise Contour Integral
∴ Therefore
∵ Because
∶ Ratio
∷ Proportion
∸ Dot Minus
∺ Geometric Proportion
∻ Homothetic
∼ Tilde Operator
∽ Reversed Tilde
∾ Inverted Lazy S
∿ Sine Wave
≀ Wreath Product
≁ Not Tilde
≂ Minus Tilde
≃ Asymptotically Equal To
≄ Not Asymptotically Equal To
≅ Approximately Equal To
≆ Approximately But Not Actually Equal To
≇ Neither Approximately nor Actually Equal To
≈ Almost Equal To
≉ Not Almost Equal To
≊ Almost Equal or Equal To
≋ Triple Tilde
≌ All Equal To
≍ Equivalent To
≎ Geometrically Equivalent To
≏ Difference Between
≐ Approaches the Limit
≑ Geometrically Equal To
≒ Approximately Equal To or the Image Of
≓ Image of or Approximately Equal To
≔ Colon Equals
≕ Equals Colon
≖ Ring In Equal To
≗ Ring Equal To
≙ Estimates
≚ Equiangular To
≜ Delta Equal To
≟ Questioned Equal To
≡ Identical To
≢ Not Identical To
≤ Less-Than or Equal To
≥ Greater-Than or Equal To
≦ Less-Than Over Equal To
≧ Greater-Than Over Equal To
≨ Less-Than But Not Equal To
≩ Greater-Than But Not Equal To
≪ Much Less-Than
≫ Much Greater-Than
≬ Between
≭ Not Equivalent To
≮ Not Less-Than
≯ Not Greater-Than
≰ Neither Less-Than nor Equal To
≱ Neither Greater-Than nor Equal To
≲ Less-Than or Equivalent To
≳ Greater-Than or Equivalent To
≴ Neither Less-Than nor Equivalent To
≵ Neither Greater-Than nor Equivalent To
≶ Less-Than or Greater-Than
≷ Greater-Than or Less-Than
≸ Neither Less-Than nor Greater-Than
≹ Neither Greater-Than nor Less-Than
≺ Precedes
≻ Succeeds
≼ Precedes or Equal To
≽ Succeeds or Equal To
≾ Precedes or Equivalent To
≿ Succeeds or Equivalent To
⊀ Does Not Precede
⊁ Does Not Succeed
⊂ Subset Of
⊃ Superset Of
⊄ Not a Subset Of
⊅ Not a Superset Of
⊆ Subset of or Equal To
⊇ Superset of or Equal To
⊈ Neither a Subset of nor Equal To
⊉ Neither a Superset of nor Equal To
⊊ Subset of with Not Equal To
⊋ Superset of with Not Equal To
⊍ Multiset Multiplication
⊎ Multiset Union
⊏ Square Image Of
⊐ Square Original Of
⊑ Square Image of or Equal To
⊒ Square Original of or Equal To
⊓ Square Cap
⊔ Square Cup
⊕ Circled Plus
⊖ Circled Minus
⊗ Circled Times
⊘ Circled Division Slash
⊙ Circled Dot Operator
⊚ Circled Ring Operator
⊛ Circled Asterisk Operator
⊝ Circled Dash
⊞ Squared Plus
⊟ Squared Minus
⊠ Squared Times
⊡ Squared Dot Operator
⊢ Right Tack
⊣ Left Tack
⊤ Down Tack
⊥ Up Tack
⊧ Models
⊨ True
⊩ Forces
⊪ Triple Vertical Bar Right Turnstile
⊫ Double Vertical Bar Double Right Turnstile
⊬ Does Not Prove
⊭ Not True
⊮ Does Not Force
⊯ Negated Double Vertical Bar Double Right Turnstile
⊰ Precedes Under Relation
⊲ Normal Subgroup Of
⊳ Contains As Normal Subgroup
⊴ Normal Subgroup of or Equal To
⊵ Contains As Normal Subgroup or Equal To
⊶ Original Of
⊷ Image Of
⊸ Multimap
⊹ Hermitian Conjugate Matrix
⊺ Intercalate
⊻ Xor
⊽ Nor
⊾ Right Angle with Arc
⊿ Right Triangle
⋀ N-Ary Logical And
⋁ N-Ary Logical Or
⋂ N-Ary Intersection
⋃ N-Ary Union
⋄ Diamond Operator
⋅ Dot Operator
⋆ Star Operator
⋇ Division Times
⋈ Bowtie
⋉ Left Normal Factor Semidirect Product
⋊ Right Normal Factor Semidirect Product
⋋ Left Semidirect Product
⋌ Right Semidirect Product
⋍ Reversed Tilde Equals
⋎ Curly Logical Or
⋏ Curly Logical And
⋐ Double Subset
⋑ Double Superset
⋒ Double Intersection
⋓ Double Union
⋔ Pitchfork
⋕ Equal and Parallel To
⋖ Less-Than with Dot
⋗ Greater-Than with Dot
⋘ Very Much Less-Than
⋙ Very Much Greater-Than
⋚ Less-Than Equal To or Greater-Than
⋛ Greater-Than Equal To or Less-Than
⋞ Equal To or Precedes
⋟ Equal To or Succeeds
⋠ Does Not Precede or Equal
⋡ Does Not Succeed or Equal
⋢ Not Square Image of or Equal To
⋣ Not Square Original of or Equal To
⋦ Less-Than But Not Equivalent To
⋧ Greater-Than But Not Equivalent To
⋨ Precedes But Not Equivalent To
⋩ Succeeds But Not Equivalent To
⋪ Not Normal Subgroup Of
⋫ Does Not Contain As Normal Subgroup
⋬ Not Normal Subgroup of or Equal To
⋭ Does Not Contain As Normal Subgroup or Equal
⋮ Vertical Ellipsis
⋯ Midline Horizontal Ellipsis
⋰ Up Right Diagonal Ellipsis
⋱ Down Right Diagonal Ellipsis
⋲ Element of with Long Horizontal Stroke
⋳ Element of with Vertical Bar At End of Horizontal Stroke
⋴ Small Element of with Vertical Bar At End of Horizontal Stroke
⋵ Element of with Dot Above
⋶ Element of with Overbar
⋷ Small Element of with Overbar
⋹ Element of with Two Horizontal Strokes
⋺ Contains with Long Horizontal Stroke
⋻ Contains with Vertical Bar At End of Horizontal Stroke
⋼ Small Contains with Vertical Bar At End of Horizontal Stroke
⋽ Contains with Overbar
⋾ Small Contains with Overbar
⌈ Left Ceiling
⌉ Right Ceiling
⌊ Left Floor
⌋ Right Floor
〈 Left-Pointing Angle Bracket
〉 Right-Pointing Angle Bracket