Geometric Shapes Extended is a Unicode block containing webdings/wingdings symbols, mostly different weights of squares, crosses, and saltires, and different weights of variously spoked asterisks and stars. They are presented in various color combinations โ€” some in black-and-white, others multicolored.

Geometric shape icons can be used to denote geometric shapes such as circle, square, triangle, etc. They can express various features, for example, size, length, width, height, etc. Also, such symbols often express certain concepts in mathematics or physics: angle, radius, volume, etc. Moreover, geometric symbols are often used to represent diagrams, graphs and other visual information or data.

Another way to see these symbols in action is to copy them into a text or post on social media. Such geometric shapes are perfect for designing lists, tasks, and advertisements.


Range 1F780–1F7FF
Characters 128

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