Tangut hieroglyphs were used for writing the Tangut language. I see you're already asking where it was. It was in the north-west of China, where the Tangut people lived. Scholars haven't come to one particular theory regarding the script origin. However, there's a version that the Tangut alphabet was developed on purpose and that it never evolved from other writings. The earliest inscriptions date back to the 11th century, while the latest appeared in late years of the 16th. The language itself is considered dead too.

Tangut hieroglyphs are similar to Chinese, but are not directly related to them. They are more complicated โ€” most of them include from 8 to 15 features or outlines. The original texts would be written vertically from top to bottom. The lines went from right to left.

The Tanguts used approximately 6,000 hieroglyphs. Like the Chinese, they had contributed to the tradition of calligraphy. The signs could have up to 4 font variants. They are encoded as one single character in Unicode, unless there are various forms found in the same source. Besides, the signs that have the same shape but different names or sounds also tend to be united. The main source database was Li Fanwen's work published in 2008.


Range 17000–187FF
Characters 6144

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