International Women's Day

This incredible holiday dedicated to women has left a significant trace in the history of many countries. A lot of events led up to the establishment the International Women's Day. 🌷

As it often happens, the women's day initially wasn't intended to be a holiday.

In 1910 the problem of protecting women's rights arose. The matter was discussed at the International Conference of Working Women and it was agreed to establish a special day celebrating the achievements of the ongoing fight for women's rights.

In particular, women wanted to have the opportunity to elect and be elected. During several years they arranged marches and protests at the beginning of spring.

On February 23 in 1917 significant action was taken in Russia, as women went on a protest agitated by exhaustion from war and food shortages. The protest resulted in women gaining voting rights in 1917. As it turns out, the 23th of February falls on the 8th of March according to modern calendar. That's how the holiday received its date.

The importance of International Women's Day is reflected in this set of symbols as well. It has flowers, hearts, gifts — everything you need to congratulate women on this great day.