Champions League UEFA

Champions League is a tournament held between the best European football clubs. The teams that participate in the competition get this right by becoming victors in their national championships. The number of such teams varies from one to four, and the rating of football association is factored in too.

This championship has been held since 1955. Back then English press announced that Wolverhampton Wandereres was the strongest team in the world. Not everybody agreed with such a statement, and a French journalist proposed that a competition should be arranged. That's how European Champions Cup appeared.

The clubs, that were the first in their own countries, were supposed to meet their rivals in two games — home game and away game. In 1992 the tournament changed its name to UEFA Champions League and improved the organisation. A group round and qualifications were added; plus, more participants started to be included.

The finale of this competition is a great holiday for the fans of football. That's why we've collected all these football symbols and emojis for Champions League.