Valentine's Day

This page contains symbols that you can use for the 14th of February on Valentine's Day. Find more hearts and in the following sets. Smiling and laughing is therapeutic, so use smiles. And this are animal symbols, but you'll have enough time to pet the camel after the holiday.

Far away from your loved one on Valentine's Day? Write them a message and use the Valentine's Day symbols from this set to express your emotions or maybe even confess true feelings for the love of your life 💜. Unicode gives an opportunity to deliver hearts, flowers, smiles, and gifts right to your crush's email. Don't miss the chance!

Unicode symbols table is a great way of creating an emotional post or important event on social media. Hearts, flowers, and gifts perform as outstanding icons that enable your post to shine and overshadow ordinary entrances. Each symbol is a combination of figures, letters, and special marks. By coping it, you get an encoded image. This image will be reproduced on all operating systems. The same happens when you work with the usual text. Coding allows to set fonts, colour, shadows and other parameters.

The emoji set for Valentine's Day consists of the following symbols:

  • white and black hearts of various sizes;
  • love letter with a red heart;
  • male and female gender;
  • colour variations;
  • Cupid's arrow shotting through a pink heart.

For quick searching and application, find the necessary section, copy and paste the symbol that you like.

Ok, let's say “I'm not interested in this silly holiday, how else can I benefit from these emojis? Well, you can use it for developing or improving your website, in particular to stress the important information, create marked lists or icons. Bright images will certainly attract the attention of your guests. An icon only weighs two bites, which allows not to overload the page with content. The resources will be downloading pretty quickly, and users will see the whole information and media content and will probably stay. 🥰

Valentine's day set of emojis will help you to express the depth of your feelings and provide vibrant illustrations for them in texts, social media, messengers, and forums. Use it wisely 💌