Kurban Bayram

The saint month ends with the holiday of Eid al-Fitr.

Ramadan is a month, during which a true Muslim should follow the Lent called “Eid”. In this period of time you're not allowed to eat, drink, smoke or engage in an intercourse. The rule only applies for the day, not for the night, if you know what I mean. It must be especially difficult for Muslims who live beyond the Arctic Circle. Even in my area the Sun sets down at 9:30 pm and rises up at 4:20 am, if we're talking May. Anyway, you got 7 hours for all the mischief. Well, the faithful kinda expected the trouble and that's why special fatwas (declarations by Islamic religious leaders) were introduced. These fatwas allowed following the Mekka time or any other place where day and night are rather balanced.

  • The name itself signifies boiling hot or drought, it derives from Arabic “ramiḍa” or “ar-ramaḍ”
  • According to the legends (Hadith), it was this month when Muhammad was gifted the Koran. That's why Ramadan is one of the main Islam symbols.
  • Every day is to be started with “niyyah” — intention. Basically it's a phrase that you pronounce to signal to the God that you're about to suffer and sacrifice. Otherwise it won't work.
  • Apart from that, Muslims have to perform good deeds during this month, like give alms.
  • You should also refrain from thoughts and actions that may be sinful.
  • The goal of the Lent is to demonstrate the strength of your faith.

Some categories of citizens don't have to obey the rules. Children, pregnant and feeding women, old and sick people, who don't trust in Allah. Oh, and tourists. Anyway, you can use Eid al-Fitr symbols and emoji regardless of your age, nationality, or social class. Amen! 🛐