International Chess Day

On July 20 it is common to celebrate International Chess Day. The holiday has been around since 1966, when it was presented by the World Chess Federation.

Basically International Chess Day commemorates the Federation establishment, which dates back to 1924. Currently the chess rating system FIDE has over 360,000 active tournament players in its member database. All the people who are not only familiar with the game, but also enjoy a good match, tend to gather on this holiday and spend it playing with their friends.

Today various events are held in order to celebrate this game.

For example, there are tournaments drawing the most skillful and legendary sportsmen.

Another idea is a simultaneous game session. It's when one chess player (supposedly a grandmaster) plays several games with new-comers or amateurs at the same time. The goal is, of course, to destroy the rivals. And to prove that you're capable of performing endless chains of operations in your brain momentarily.

You probably remember the scene from Queen's Gambit ♕ on Netflix, where Beth Harmon wins over more than five players simultaneously at a very young age. Something to aspire to.

However complicated it seems, chess is a game for everyone. It doesn't matter if you strive for a sports career or just enjoy moving pawns lazily. Everybody can play it. Even politicians. The first that come to my mind are Theodor Roosevelt, Barack Obama, John F Kennedy. And it's not a surprise. They have to maintain their critical-thinking skills sharp, and chess is a great metaphor for a world arena, which represents the endless opportunities for development.

Apparently, chess haven't received their emojis yet, but there's still a bunch of symbols you can use. We present you our exquisite collection of the precious chess figures:

  • pawns
  • knights
  • horses
  • rooks
  • Kings
  • and Queens

And here are some ideas of how you can play with these symbols on social media: a) congratulate your friend who nailed the local chess competition 🥇 b) challenge a player online for a rematch ♖ c) complain that you're a pawn in someone else´s game 🙃 ♟

Or simply copy and paste International Chess Day symbols and emoji to celebrate the ancient game that the whole world continues to admire 🎔