St.Patrick 's Day

St Patrick's personality is covered with mysteries. It's pretty clear that he did exist, and we have some ideas about his activity. However, a lot of time has passed, and all the facts turned into legends. So it's quite difficult to pin down his biography. But we'll try.

This guy was born in Great Britain in the 5th century. At the age of 16 he was enslaved and sent to Ireland. Later he found himself in Gallia, where he studied religion. Eventually he got a calling and returned back to Ireland.

In Ireland he was occupied with spreading Christianity. Dozens of churches were founded, thousands of adults and children were baptized. Millions of sermons were read (well, that's the approximate information).

Anyway, he was a great man, this Patrick. No wonder he has his own holiday called “St Patrick's Day” which is celebrated on the 17th of March.

The celebration of St Patrick's day is about the following things:

  • dressing up in ☘green costumes☘,
  • going to parades and festivals,
  • attending church, etc.

The holiday often coincides with the Lent which forbids the religious all abundancies. Fortunately, Guinness has taken on the lobbying campaign recently, so alcohol has become allowed (!!).

If you decide to celebrate St Patrick's Day, your goal is to get totally wasted and kick ass. That's how you pay your respect to the Irish culture and promote it in other countries.

One of the main symbols of this holiday is Shamrock. According to the legend, Patrick used this saint plant to explain the concept of Christian Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) to pagans.

In addition to that, the plant was always considered sacred, and it represented the rebirth of spring. Later on Irish people wore it as a symbol of their national pride and independence from the looming English power. So it makes sense why this plant has gone viral.