New Year

New Year symbols might come in handy on this holiday!

New Year. According to the calendar, it is celebrated at the end of the last day of the old year and the beginning of the first day of the next year. It's probably the most popular international holiday. Many nations celebrate it. UTF-8 represents symbols of stars, snowflakes and other New Year attributes.

What do we associate the New Year holiday with? First of all, with Santa 🎅, oranges 🍊, champagne 🍾, gifts 🎁. Some countries will find it useful to use a tv-set 📺 for watching the president's speech. Plus, snowflakes and stars. That's not all! Look at these amazing snowmen ☃⛄! Yeah, there are several versions, with and without snow. There's even a black snowman . Of all these emojis, star symbols could be falling out a bit, but they're still beautiful ✡.

Most countries celebrate New Year on January 1, according to the Gregorian calendar. This calendar was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in the 16th century. However, Julius Caesar was the one who ordered that the year began on January 1. By the way, the calendar symbol is available on Unicode 📅.

In China every year is associated with animals. And Unicode has animal symbols. And here are the Olympic symbols that you can use for winter sports festivals.