Thanksgiving Day in USA

Have you ever wondered about the history behind Thanksgiving? Why is this holiday so much about food? Then you've come to the right place!

Turns out, it's not. The explanation lies in geography and religion, a great combination for great history. Once upon a time (in 1620), English separatists were looking for a place where they could freely practice their faith. They had no choice but to leave England and embark on a journey to the “New World”. Yeah, a perfect land, which turned out to be the modern United States. It was decided to go by ships, the most famous one was called Mayflower ⛵. The cruise wasn't smooth, and lots of people died before reaching the destination. The remaining crew arrived to Cape Cod, the territory of modern Massachusetts. They were so happy to be the first colony to inhabit the land of freedom! Although they kind of forgot that it was already occupied by American Indians 🙃.

How do you coexist with the new landers? First you fight, of course. That was the usual scenario for many historical encounters, but not in this case. The tribes that were already living on the continent, welcomed the Pilgrims with an open heart, and showed them around the premises. It wasn't very smart of them, but they were lucky, I guess. They also taught Pilgrims how to cultivate corn 🌽, catch game and avoid poisonous plants. Besides, other tribes formed an alliance with the newcomers.

To celebrate the end of the exhausting winter (and other challenges), all of the inhabitants gathered for a feast, which was based on the harvest that the Pilgrims managed to get. It was known to be the first Thanksgiving 👪, a perfect sample of harmony between European colonists and Native Americans. And finally, the turkey phenomenon!! Yes, it was one of the dishes on that feast, together with other fauna and flora. 🥔🥕🦃🥓

Abraham Lincoln loved that story so much, that he offered to make it a traditional holiday.

Nowadays Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday in the United States, celebrated annually on Thursday, November 25. I wonder if vegans celebrate it 🤔