Christmas is the central winter holiday for Western countries. It's celebrated on December 25. Both adults and children are looking forward to it 👪. It's an official day-off.

However, Christmas is not the only winter holiday celebrated in the world. You're probably familiar with New Year, which falls on December 31 — January 1, and takes place in Russia. The celebration is no different, except this holiday is less religious.

The permanent symbols representing this holiday are Christmas tree 🎄, Santa Claus 🎅 that brings presents 🎁 by getting in the pipe ⛪ and putting them in a sock 🧦, which is hanged above the fireplace. Santa delivers gifts on his sleigh 🛷 pulled by deer 🦌. The “hymn” of Christmas is Jingle Bells 🔔 🎶.

What can you do on Christmas? Let us give some ideas:

  • build a snowman — pick a snowy day, call your buddy, check the garage for any old buttons, sticks, and a carrot — you're good to go ☃
  • attend a local craft market, those places are always filled with the warm feeling of miracle 🎶 🍪
  • decorate your house, put a wreath on your door, and garlands on the walls; a piece of advice for pros — don't forget to put snowflake stickers on the windows ❄
  • write a letter to Santa, admit to your naughty behaviour and ask for the biggest present possible 🎅
  • buy gifts for your family and friends 🎁

Last but not least — copy emojis from our collection and paste in your social media posts. 👼