Independence Day in the USA

Fourth of July. American families gather for picnics out of town. You would assume it's Thanksgiving, but it's actually Independence Day. This day is very special for all Americans, as it marked the long-awaited freedom that the American Colonies received in 1776, being finally liberated from the British rule.

The central event of the process was signing The Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress. Then American Constitution followed, and the Bill of Rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion... It was the beginning of the America that we know nowadays, and it became an important event in the US history. The holiday has been federal since 1941, so everybody has time for celebrating it.

What are the common activities on Independence Day?

  • first and foremost — fireworks 🎆, the oldest tradition that has been taking place since the first(!) celebration in 1777.
  • as it was mentioned before, barbecues and picnics 🍖🏞️. gather your folks, take an American flag, a basket with food, and head to the local park.
  • the impressive part — parades. the marching demonstrations are always enjoyable to watch.
  • circles, amusement parks 🎪🎠 are working especially hard on this day, don't forget to take a ride!

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