Victory Day in Russia

On May 9 the humanity celebrates Victory Day. It is a holiday that commemorates the surrender of The Greater German Reich and its elimination by the Soviet Union. It's important to mention that USSR operated with allies. Thus, the Great Patriotic War was over, and the Second World War faced the beginning of the end.

It all happened in 1945. On May 1 and 2 the Russian Red Army finally took over Berlin. On May 7, the German Instrument of Surrender was signed. The document came into effect on May 8 or 9, depending on the time zone.

It's interesting that the Instrument was signed twice. I bet they just didn't like the signatures. The German side was represented by Wilhelm Keitel. Legend has it that when he heard that Poland and France would join them for the ceremony of signing capitulation, he surprisingly exclaimed: “So they defeated us too?”

However, after Germany's surrender the military actions continued. Gitler's followers still remained in some parts of Europe. In August 1945 Soviet soldiers had to fight against the Japanese army in China and Mongolia. The Japanese were facing a decay, whereas the Red Army was at its best. Therefore, the battle didn't last long — it took a couple of weeks to liberate the territory of Western Europe size. The Second World War ended on the 2nd of September.

The Victory Day has been celebrated since 1945. A lot of events are held in Post-Soviet (and not only) countries. Let's get acquainted with this holiday thorough the example of Russia.

  • Patriotic concerts and festivals are widely spread, because they carry the spirit of the nation and help to pass the war-time songs from generation to generation.
  • Military parade is an event that takes place in big cities like Moscow and St Petersburg, the purpose is to demonstrate the military forces of the country.
  • Visiting monuments is necessary too, in order to praise the memory of those who fought for the brighter future.
  • Commemoration of veterans is included in parades and concerts. Veterans get saved the best places, make speeches, wear uniforms, and a lot of songs, poems, and other art is dedicated to paying respect to them.
  • Fireworks at the end of the day close the holiday till the next year comes.